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Terms of service

KHStore items are for associate purchase only.  Orders from non-associates will be cancelled.  If you are one of our valued customers and would like to purchase KH Logo’d apparel, 1st - we are flattered, 2nd - please contact your dedicated account representative for further assistance.

Returns / Exchanges 

All items ordered through the KH Store are considered “custom.”  Because of this there is a very limited amount of ability to return or exchange items if there is no issue with workmanship or quality.  All exchange or return requests must be requested through Tim Martindale, President, Kiemle-Hankins.

Invoices / Payments

After completing the check-out process on the KH Store, the store team will review the order and any available KH Bucks.  Available KH Bucks will be applied to your order, and you will receive an email from the KH Store team.  This email will have an invoice attached with the details of your order and the balance due; please review your order details and the final price on the invoice.  If everything is correct and you want to proceed with the order, (and your balance due is greater than $0.00) follow the link on the invoice to make your payment – note that it is preferred that all payments are processed through PayPal.  The steps for paying via PayPal are as follows: 

- Click the paypal.me/alwayspromoting link on invoice.

- Enter payment amount from invoice.

- Click Next – note that at this step you will either need to sign in to PayPal or create a PayPal account. 

- You will then need to put your order number from the invoice in the comments and click Next.

- You will then go to a payment review page where you can select your payment method.  You can use credit, debit, PayPal balance, checking account, etc.  Follow the onscreen directions to complete payment method setup.

- Click “Send Payments Now.”

- You will get a payment confirmation email from PayPal.

- Let the KH Store team know via reply email that you have made your payment; we will send the order to our vendor for processing. 

- You are now done – nothing left to do but wait for your order to arrive!


If you would prefer not to pay via PayPal, please do the following:

- Print your invoice

- Write a check to Always Promoting for the amount due and write the order # on the memo line of your check. 

- Put the invoice and your check in a sealed envelope and send via IOM to Operations. 

- Your order will be placed upon receipt of your check.


If your invoice has a $0.00 balance due, please just confirm via reply email that all the order details are correct and we will process your order.


If you want to cancel the order in its entirety, reply “No” to the store team email.  Contact the KH Store team if there is a problem with the invoice or payment information.


All shipments will come to Corporate Administration from the vendor for a quality and order control check, and then will be sent via IOM to you at your division.  At this time, we cannot provide direct to home shipping. All orders can be expected to be delivered to your division two to three weeks from CONFIRMATION OF ORDER.